Suspension systems consist of mechanical components | Mot Test of suspension & Axles

And joints connecting the wheels to the vehicles

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MOT Test of Suspension and Axles What is checked


All vehicle suspension systems consist of mechanical components and joints connecting the wheels to the vehicles structure via a spring system of one form or another (which isn’t necessarily a mechanical spring) which enables the wheels to move up and down according to the terrain – the bumps and depressions in the road. Due to the recent increase of pot-holes in roads, suspension failures have become more frequent, especially failures of steel springs.


Some suspension systems will be more complex than others and many of the checks cannot be done without elevating the vehicle on a specialised vehicle lift so the Tester can inspect the appropriate parts of the vehicle’s suspension from underneath.

All the mechanical joints, levers, springs and other items associated with the suspension system will be inspected (for breaks, cracks, excessive corrosion and so on) together with the condition of the vehicle’s structure to which the suspension system is attached.