A 2 B Offers a Peace Of Mind Package For The MOT Repairs.

MOT ASSIST From £20.92 per month for 12 Months

MOT ASSIST crawley Horley Smallfield

A2B will set up the direct debit payment plan, and that’s you done!

MOT ASSIST crawley Horley Smallfield

A2B we will repair any dangerous or major defects free of charge.

MOT ASSIST crawley Horley Smallfield

Then in a Years Time bring in the Vehicle, leave it with us and get a guaranteed pass for your MOT and pay no more charges.

Same with Service Plan Assist, you choose a service package you want for next year

Example : Complete the direct debit form? £20.92 per month, and in one year, drop your vehicle into our service centre, and we will service your vehicle. No more lump sums on MOT repairs.

If the car needs any additional work, our Service Manager we will call with additional fees, It’s that simple.