Alternator Starter Motor Batteries Brakes & suspension

Warning Signs when the Alternator may need replacing

Warning Indicator Light on Dashboard

Dim/Flickering Headlights

Dead Battery, Strange Sounds,

Strange Smells

Slow Electrical Accessories,

Regular Stalling/Difficulty Starting

Warning Signs When your starter Motor may need replacing?

Engine Doesn't Turn Over. The most common sign of a starter motor problem is when you press the start button, and nothing happens. ...

Intermittent Starting Issues

Clicking Noise, Grinding Noise, Freewheeling

Starter Motor Stays On. ...

Smoke When Starting Engine

Oil-Soaked Starter Motor.

Car Battery Problems: When is it Time for a New Battery?

Slow Engine Crank. When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start.

Check Engine Light

Low Battery Fluid Level

Swelling, Bloating Battery Case

Battery Leak, Old Age

Brake Light On

Never Ignore these eight warning signs of brake problemĀ  Squeaking or Grinding Noises

Wobbling, Vibration or Scraping When Braking

Leaking Fluid

Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal

Car Pulling to One Side When Braking

Burning Smell While Driving

Bouncing Up and Down When You Stop Short.

Common Signs of Suspension Problems

Read on for some of the most common symptoms of problems with suspension parts in your vehicle, especially after an accident.

Pulling to One Side While Driving

Feeling Every Bump in the Road

One Corner of the Car is Sitting Low

Momentum Makes Your Car Nose Dive

Lean Back, or Roll.