A 2 B MOT Payment Plans Terms & Conditions

Service Plan Assist Terms & Conditions

 1. Once you have had a service with A2BMOT, You Can Then Choose the Following years of Service you require.

2. Either choose your Minor, Major, Full, or Manufacturers Warranty Service.

2.1 Select The Band and Category of the Engine CC of your Vehicle.

3. Adding your Information to our system, A2B MOT Then set up a Direct Debit.

3.1 Next Year’s following Service you have chosen. A2B MOT, will divide into 12 Monthly Payments.

3.2 This will be Debited on the same Date each Month for 12 Months.

4. In 1 Year, We will carry out the selected and prepaid Service you have chosen.

5. Any repairs outside the Service Plan, We will notify you and quote accordingly.

6. Depending on the Service you select, We will only replace the following as parts of the service package.
NO other items will be replaced or repaired In the Service Package.

6.1 Engine Oils and Engine Oil Filters Replacement.

6.2 Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Pollen Filters, (Cabin Filters) Replacements, Brake Fluid Replacement on Full Service Only.

6.3 A2BMOT Top up the following items, Coolant, Antifreeze, Screenwash, Power Steering, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid on Minor or Major Services Only and Tyre pressures.

6.4 Every other items, we inspect will be chargeable as an additional cost.

Mot Assist Terms & Conditions


1. Once you have had a MOT with A2BMOT and your car has a Pass Certificate, you then become eligible to opt into to MOT Assist Plan.

2. You Select your Vehicle CC on the Price Page.

2.1 The total price will be divided over 12 Monthly Instalments Debited on the same day each Month.

3. In 1 Year, Drop your car into A2BMOT centre, then we will carry out the MOT.

4. Pick your Vehicle up once ready. A2BMOT will present you with a Pass Certificate.

5. The MOT Assist Package Covers you in the Eventuality of your car failing on any Dangerous defects Only,

Which A2BMOT find and will Replace/Fix Free of Charge.

6. We will Not Replace or Fix any Minor or Advisory items. These will not be required, in a Process of gaining a Pass Certificate.

7. Only Items that are Dangerous are Covered.
Please, Read the Do and Don’t Page. For Every Individual Item on a Vehicle. That is Covered before you Enter into this contract.(Do and Don't)

8. Any Questions? We have a FAQ Page Covering All Specific Questions? All Customers are required to Read, and Understood before entering into the Contract (FAQ)

9. Once your Vehicle has Passed its MOT test,
You then have an option to next years, MOT Assist Contract.

10. Any Minor or Advisories will need to be Addressed and Paid Before the next MOT Test. They will Not be Covered if they then turn into Dangerous or Major Defects.



1. A Tyre worn close to the Legal Limit During the MOT, Which is an Advisory, Will need to be Replaced before the next MOT test.
1.1. A2BMOT will Not replace previous Advisories! That have not been replaced or repaired before the next MOT test of your Vehicle.

“Which” Then Turn into Dangerous Defects.
The Cost of this will Supersede any Monies paid quite considerably during the Year.